Lumsing B9 bluetooth Speaker Review – Stereo Sound in Small Speaker

Lumsing B9 stereo sound in small speaker. Simply put, I love these speakers. This is the best speaker of blue tooth I have ever used. This speaker is specially designed for indoor use and outdoor layout looks very sturdy and durable. This is not only a speaker but features hands free calls, or calls made, which make your life easier.

The speaker is a very useful and versatile. I like the fact that the sound quality is amazing as I am pretty picky about this. This is an ideal speaker for most indoor activities and outdoor. I’ll keep it in my car for 2 of my daily jams along the journey back and forth while you can enjoy the music. I’m happy with the performance so far. I’ll update here if they see a problem.

Lumsing B9

The sound is clear and clean. Works great with the iphone and has a special feature to work with your Android phone. I will use in the Office, in the backyard on the beach. Build quality is surprisingly solid plastic speaker at this price point. The sound quality is amazing, but, again, it’s worth it for the price point. But in all honesty, someone saw a cheap speaker may not be paying attention to all the details and if you don’t have audio head, sound speakers much good enough. All in all, I was very surprised by the quality of the speakers is cheap.

I have not been able to completely drain the battery within a week I was using, and Lumsing claims that you can get up to 25 hours playback time, which is very impressive. Bluetooth speakers are the best I have used in a long time. It is loud, Lumsing B9 sounds good without distortion and bump! It’s so much fun, it looks like you have a small stereo! Would highly recommend it to anyone!


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