Logitech Wireless Boombox Review

Sound Quality

The Logitech Wireless Boombox performs excellently in terms of its audio quality. That much is uncontested. In fact, the quality of the sound that it produces is comparable to high-end portable speakers that cost over $200. There is a glaring exception to this however and that’s the fact that the quality will drop drastically when it’s running on the typical types of batteries. An overall reduction in both volume and bass (about a 1/3 drop) will be noticeable when it’s not plugged in and this is a huge problem for most users simply because it’s meant to be used in its portable mode most of the time.

Is there a solution to this? Of course, you can remedy this by replacing the usual batteries with those that are powerful enough to keep up with the amp necessary (approximately 12V-2A) to deliver the full bass that you’d want. There are multiple options for these and a recommended one would be the Anker Pro 10000mAh power pack, which is essentially a battery charger that was originally designed for iPhones or iPads but it works just as well for this. Of course, this adapter alone costs about $60, which brings the total cost of the entire set of speakers to about $200. At that price, you might as well settle for enhanced alternatives like the Jawbone Jambox, which not only produces better sound quality as a whole but you need not be concerned with the need to lug around an additional adapter.

If you choose to settle for the Logitech Boombox, this also means you’ll have to carry along this adapter wherever you go if you wish to experience the full bass capabilities. On the other hand, it might be wise to acquire the adapter anyway since the batteries can only last up to 8 hours or so and it’ll be handy if you had a portable charger around at all times.


In terms of the Logitech Boombox’s portability, it lacks a handle and this makes it hard to carry it around. It’s also too big to carry it in the palms of your hand like smaller portable speakers such as the JBP Flip or Jawbone JAMBOX. Its elongated design makes it even less feasible for fitting into your bags for carrying around. Indeed, it has a length of 15 inches and that’s tremendous if you were to compare it to say the JBL Flip that has a minimal length of 6 inches. It weighs 33.6 ounces, which is pretty average. Bulkier Bluetooth speakers easily weigh over 40 ounces but the lightest ones can weigh as low as 15 ounces too. That should give you an idea of its portability.

Some reviews of the Logitech Wireless Boombox have complained about how it doesn’t come with a stand and that they have to find something to prop it up with but they’re probably just oblivious of the fact that there’s a pop-out stand right at its back. As far as its build quality goes, it doesn’t look as impressive or sleek as many other Bluetooth speakers and at times, it almost feels as if the speakers are made out of cheap plastic. The maximum range of the Bluetooth connectivity is about 10 meters through the audio will start to have hiccups at about 5 meters in range.


If you’re not planning on lugging it around on your travels, the Logitech Wireless Boombox could still be a great alternative. You could set it up by the pool or within your home and the sound will carry through the entire room with ease. For those who wish to have maximum portability features and the convenience of size, better alternatives exist. Examples include the Jawbone Jambox ($269) or the JBL Flip ($119), which are easily twice as small as the Boombox.

On the whole, the Logitech Boombox is certainly a speaker that holds out well in its own but to squeeze out its optimal capabilities, you might have to invest in a decent adapter to crank up its bass.


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