JBL Flip Review

Among the 10 best speakers that we’ve tested, the JBL Flip is easily the most portable of its kind. This is one of the rare occasions where I’ve actually proceeded to purchase and use a speaker rather than just testing it for the purposes of a review. I picked up a JBL Flip Wireless Bluetooth Speaker because I wanted to have something that I could use to listen to music on my iPhone other than a docking station. I wanted to have a more portable item that I could move from place to place because I like to hang out in my yard a lot. I also enjoy going out on forest treks on my quad and when I get to my favorite location, there simply is nothing better than having a toasty fire and enjoying some music and yakking up a storm with my buddies over a few bevies.

I also found that this little speaker was awesome for taking to the job site. I could just set it in an out of the way location, and then have my iPhone on my hip and the two devices communicate with one another. Next thing I knew, the tunes were playing and my day was going well because music makes me happy and my work day just flies by.

My experience with the JBL Flip Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

My iPhone has thousands of songs on it, but as you probably already know, it is silly to try to listen to music on a cranked up iPhone and headphones just don’t cut it. The sound is substandard and too quiet so it’s a waste of time. My docking station has good quality sound, but it is pretty big and bulky and I don’t want to have to drag it around from place to place. It’s just not that portable and I spend a lot of time outdoors so I needed to find a suitable solution that would allow me to listen to music on demand.

So far, I would have to say without a doubt that this is the best hundred bucks I have ever spent. This speaker works exactly as it is supposed to and I use it just about every day. I charge the battery up every night so it is good to go for the next day.

Speaker Specifications:

When I received my JBL Flip, it came in a small box which included the speaker itself (I ordered a black one, but it is also available in white), an AC adapter, a Neoprene Carrying case, a warranty card and a guide for the quick start features. The speaker itself is 6.3 inches high, 2.4 inches wide and 2.4 inches deep and weighs only 12.3 ounces so it is not really that big at all and can easily be moved around without too much effort. The GFSK signal to noise ratio is 80dB, with a frequency response of 150 Hz to 20 kHz.

How does it work?

The Flip is wireless with “Bluetooth” which, you are probably already aware, means that it is interactive with your smart devices. I have done the whole process of downloading music and burning it to a disk or putting the songs onto a zip drive, but I find all of that to take way too much of my time and effort.

Connecting my home computer or my iPhone to the Flip is seamless and allows me to access the thousands of songs that I can’t seem to stop downloading. Now I can listen to my favorite music inside the house, outside the house, and way out in the bush when I go for a ride.

The battery for the JBL Flip takes three hours to charge and will give you five solid hours of music enjoyment. This is generally enough time for me to do whatever it is that I am doing. I have to say that the sound that comes from the speaker is pretty rich for its size. At first, when I turned it on, I was amazed by the depth of the sound that came from this relatively small speaker.

Pros of the JBL Flip

  • I love the fact that this speaker is extremely light but still gives off a robust sound, not too “tinny” for its size;
  • The speaker is highly portable and goes anywhere I go. This is the only expectation I have of most of my devices.
  • The battery life is good enough for me to listen to music all day long and I can plug it in when I am near an electrical outlet using the AC Adaptor. I find this feature really handy for when I’m sitting outside on my patio having a meal or drinks.
  • The price is pretty freaking reasonable when you consider what you are getting for a mere hundred bones.
    Cons of the JBL Flip
  • The speaker does not seem to connect or communicate with my laptop, but that’s okay, I have most of my favorite music on my iPhone anyway. It works fine with a tablet device too.
  • The sound is not super powerful with the strong base as I like my music, but what the heck can you expect for this tiny speaker? I think it performs pretty well for its size.
  • The battery life is only five hours. I think this could be rectified if you were to get a few rechargeable batteries or an extra unit. (They are certainly cheap enough).

Final Thoughts

If you enjoy music absolutely everywhere like I do and you are tired of dragging your 1980s boom box around, then come into the new millennium with the new JBL Flip. This portable speaker has only been on the market for less than a year and is already extremely popular with everyone I know that owns one. In fact, many of my buddies saw this little speaker that I had and were blown away that such deep sound was coming from this ridiculously small speaker and they wanted one for themselves.

I have been enjoying this speaker immensely since I purchased it and that was four months ago. I can honestly say that I do not regret for one moment the fact that I bought this unit, it has provided me with hours of listening pleasure. My work days are much more bearable when music is involved, I am a complete music buff, so I have to say that purchasing the JBL Flip was definitely a worthwhile investment for me.

I would definitely recommend it if you want to access music on your iPhone or Tablet and don’t want to be limited by a docking station or a plug. If your main concerns are that the Bluetooth speaker must be compact and highly portable, the JBL Flip should certainly be among your top considerations.


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