iHOME Id50Bzc Review

General Features

The iHome Id50Bzc is slightly different from the usual portable speakers that you see on the market simply because it has multiple functions to it. Besides being a music-listening device, you can use it as a clock radio as well. Despite its deceivingly small size, the sound quality is decent enough for casual listeners. Audio enthusiasts would certainly find the iHome dissatisfying though. The audio settings like the bass and treble levels can be adjusted to suit your personal preferences. There is a slot at the top of the speaker in which you can attach your iPhone or your iPad but you do not have to use these devices in conjunction with the speaker if you don’t want to. Additionally, the speaker comes with an AM/FM tuner that makes it just like any other radio.

The front of the speaker has a rectangular display that shows the time, date, alarm and whatnot. Basically, it could function as a bedside alarm clock with additional features. The display brightness might be a little too bright to leave on at night though so you’ll have to tune it down if you plan on leaving it beside you while you sleep. 2 alarm profiles can be set on the clock radio and like any other alarm clocks, you have the snooze function as well. It does take a certain amount of effort to twiddle with the buttons and settings before you will learn how to program the alarms properly. There’s also a remote control device that comes together with the whole package so you could choose to use that as your wireless controller instead of your iPhone or iPad.

Audio Quality

This particular device has only 2 frequency drivers though so it may not be able to produce the best audio quality. At higher volumes and heavy bass settings, there is a significant amount of bass distortion but if you mostly listen to mid to high-frequency songs, you should do fine with it. Considering its multi-function capabilities, however, it’s really unfair to ask any more of it. If you’re not really looking for a speaker that has a dual function as a clock radio, you would do better to opt for more specialized alternatives in the likes of the Bose Soundlink (best sound quality) or the Jawbone JAMBOX and JBL Flip (for maximum portability).

Build & Design

iHOME Id50Bzc

The entire speaker is covered with a matte finish and its sides are lined with 2 thick silver stripes. The control panel is located at the top surface of the speaker, which is riddled with buttons for adjusting the modes, alarms, volume, and others. In terms of its size, the iHome Id50Bzc looks like a rectangular box that can fit into your palm easily and portability isn’t an issue at all. It weighs quite a bit though, at about 45 ounces, which is expected with so many features fit into it.


In essence, the iHome Id50Bzc is great as a multi-function, all-in-1 tool and it performs fairly well in all of these features but you shouldn’t count on it to deliver to you the best music listening experience.


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