BenQ TreVolo Review – Beautifully Designed for Classical and Acoustic

BenQ TreVolo beautifully designed for classical and acoustic. Sound incredible! These speakers have an incredible voice to a small unit! BenQ TreVolo speaker is a beautiful work of art in a small group with closed wings and about 8 “wide when open. It is a work of art with a very beautiful design. Speaker can easily sit on the table, stood up and then when the retractable wings fade in the background.

I like portability, which is also equipped with a well packed in a sturdy box strong and that includes headphones and power adapter. Strong language provides a sound punch, but not as strong as I expected from the size. Now I can not sound test at the maximum size for a very long time because I do not want my neighbor knocking on the door and screaming rejected. I have many other speakers that directing a similar strike despite cheaper.

BenQ TreVolo

Three times is really good, and the record, clear boundaries and clear on various instruments. Where devices are falling a little bass. I love my bass turned up in my music and this is not as strong as in the bass range as I want. TreVolo sound production is very clear and crisp audio, and voice really comes to life when a little change. If you have more intelligent ears and want portable, electric speaker system to listen to classical music, then BenQ TreVolo possible for you, and not just because it has the same great sound quality, but because it is currently the only portable, choose electricity market.
If you’re in the technical specifications you can go to BenQ website and look for the speaker and download the information sheet from one page that will tell you the basic information that you might want to know as a rechargeable battery with up to 12 hours of continuous play (I rarely spend 12 hours to listen to that I have not tested this). I also tested the audio and podcast writers and speakers did an excellent job with these tasks. The voices are clear and sharp.

I love this design, and will fit well in my home and I need to use! BenQ TreVolo is about the size of a cable modem, and two of the apartment, electricity and speakers that fold out like wings. Looks very neat, and should fit properly with many other modern decor. It was a very large and powerful unit, metal construction makes it feel really strong and distinct.
In the box, you get TreVolo and charger. Fillers are generally seem DC adapter with the end of the connector cable is permanently attached to the barrel. I that this unit will support the use of USB charging. There are micro-USB port on the back, but the digital audio inputs and not for shipment.

To be honest I was not sure it was worth $ 299, but he says the speakers and sound and smell like perfume, such as personal and individual. I hope price BenQ TreVologo down a little bit.


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